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Personal Injury Topics

Things to do After an Accident
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  1. Take some deep breaths and stay calm.
  2. Check for injuries. Check for injuries to both yourself and anyone else in the car.
  3. If anyone is injured call 911.
  4. Keep yourself and others safe. If possible, move your car away from traffic.
  5. If your car cannot be moved, turn on your hazard lights.
  6. Call the Police. Even if it is a minor accident, it is important to have an accident report.
  7. Make notes about the accident: how it occurred, what you were doing, what you felt. It is best to make these notes immediately following the accident because it can be hard to remember at a later date.
  8. Exchange information with the other drivers. Obtain names, addresses, driver’s license information, registration, information, license plate numbers and insurance information. If the driver is different than the person under which the car registered, make sure to get their name.
  9. If you have a camera, take photos of the accident. Take photos of the damage to the cars involved, the surroundings and your injuries.
  10. Get the contact information of witnesses.
  11. Do not talk about the accident or how it occurred.
  12. Do not talk about how you are feeling or if you are injured to the other parties. If someone asks, just say you are shaken up.
  13. Listen Carefully. It may be beneficial if you pay attention and listen to the conversations surrounding the accident scene.
  14. Contact an attorney. Getting a lawyer involved sooner rather than later can help you get the most from insurance carriers.
  15. Contact your insurance company to report the accident.
  16. Never give a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance carrier. They will call, just ignore them and tell your attorney.
  17. Keep notes of how you feel and your injuries after the accident.
  18. Keep track of all time missed from work.

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