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Contracts are an essential aspect of doing business. A well drafted contract can protect your business, while a poorly written contract can stop your business from running smoothly. Understanding your rights and obligations under a contract, as well as the options available in case of a breach, are essential for protecting your interests.

At Merchant Law Firm, we draft and review contracts for clients in business and employment-related matters. We can explain the terms and conditions involved in a particular contract and how it could impact your business, bargaining power, and ability to seek damages in case of a breach.

In terms of reviewing contracts, often, it is not what is written in the contract that is critical, but what needs to be added, removed or modified to the contract to protect you or your business. When entering into a transaction with another party, make sure your rights are protected and your liabilities limited.

We help our clients with every aspect of contracts: drafting, review, revision, and negotiation.

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