Partnership Agreements

When two or more business owners agree to share responsibility in a business for profit as co-owners, they can form a partnership. In Arizona, there are a number of different partnership classifications, including general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability limited partnerships (LLLPs). Attorney Bimal Raj Merchant can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of partnership, including what will best meet your business goals.

In addition, he can explain the important terms and conditions to include in the partnership agreement including contributions, withdrawals, additional partners and much more. If you are forming a partnership, Merchant Law Firm, can help you make the right decisions about your startup, while drafting a partnership agreement to protect your interests.

In addition to partnership agreements, we can draft all of the necessary documents to get your business up and running, including membership agreements and partnership employment agreements.

At Merchant Law Firm we can help in drafting partnership agreements, reviewing existing partnership agreements and amending or revising partnership agreements.

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