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Motorcycle Accidents

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Because motorcycles are small, drivers of other vehicles often say that they couldn’t see the motorcycle. The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers failing to give the motorcycle the “right of way.”

Motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles have a greater chance of resulting injury to the motorcycle rider. Mainly, because motorcycles don’t provide the same protection that a car or truck provide. This often means that the injuries sustained by the motorcycle riders are more severe than those sustained by accidents involving two cars. Motorcycle accidents frequently involve brain injuries, burns, bone fractures, and even amputations.

The car does not have to actually strike the motorcycle and cause a collision to occur for the motorcycle rider to recover compensation. For example, if another vehicle cuts a motorcycle off, causing the motorcycle rider to veer off the road and crash, the motorcycle rider may still be able to recover compensation from the driver that caused the accident.

Because motorcycle accidents often involve serious injuries and unique facts, it is very important to retain experienced motorcycle accident lawyers to handle your claim.

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