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Prescription Error

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New medications have made it possible for more people to live longer lives than ever before. We rely on physicians and pharmacists for access to these medications and guidance on using them properly.
Unfortunately, many of the medications on the market today can have harmful effects if they are given to the wrong person or used improperly.


Most physicians, pharmacists and pharmacies are diligent in providing care to their patients and customers. Occasionally, pharmacists or other medical professionals are overworked, careless, or irresponsible and make mistakes. The consequences of a prescription error can be catastrophic. The errors they make can have devastating results, such as lasting injuries or wrongful death.

Pharmacy errors include giving a patient the wrong prescription, mislabeling a prescription, failing to instruct a patient on the proper way to use a type of medication, or failing to discover and alert the patient to a dangerous interaction between multiple types of prescribed medication. Pharmacists, their employers, physicians, and hospitals are some of the parties that may be responsible.

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a prescription error, or if you have questions regarding what you think might be a prescription error case, contact us.

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